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MoTeC - i2 Activation Codes and Licences

MoTeC - i2 Activation Codes and Licences

£156.00 +VAT

MoTeC’s i2 Pro Data Analysis software includes new Feature Licences that can
be purchased to activate a particular feature on one physical computer for a
nominated length of time. The first features released include Licences to analyse
non-i2 Pro log files using i2 Pro and a Licence to manipulate log files via an API
(Application Programming Interface).

Licence to open MoTeC standard log files
• Allows individual PCs to open any MoTeC log file in i2 Pro
• Log files can be analysed using all i2 Pro features but will be saved in their
original format
• Particularly useful for those that use i2 Pro software on one computer to
analyse Standard and/or Pro log files from many MoTeC logging devices

Licence to import Pi ASCII dataset
• Allows individual PCs to convert exported Pi ASCII files into i2 Pro files, via
the i2 Pro File Conversion Wizard
• Ideal for MoTeC users who previously had a Pi logging system and would like
to analyse this data in i2 Pro alongside their current data, or for existing Pi
users to take advantage of i2 Pro’s extensive analysis features

i2 API Licence
• Provides access to and manipulation of MoTeC log files from tools such as
MS Excel, MATLAB, Visual Basic and Visual C++ for custom processing or
external analysis of data generated in i2 Pro
• Enables the i2 Application Programming Interface that can be used from any
language that supports COM technology
The functionality of the i2 API software object includes:
• Loading any MoTeC log file (.ld file)
• Reading MoTeC log file data including channels, ranges, laps, beacons and
• Creating new i2 Pro log files and channels from code

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