Murray Constant Tension Turbo Seal Clamp – Owen Developments
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Murray Constant Tension Turbo Seal Clamp - Owen Developments

Murray Constant Tension Turbo Seal Clamp

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This constant tension design of clamp is recommended for use with silicone hoses when fitted to turbocharger compressor outlets and intercooler pipe work. Its unique design compensates for the effects of thermal cycling and compression set of the hose. Used by WRC teams worldwide, its fitment will reduce the risk of hoses coming loose and blowing off, which in the case of turbocharged cars, could prevent over speeding of the turbocharger and inevitable failure.

Electropolishing improves weld strength, improved performance, corrosion resistance and an enhanced appearance with a more even finish. The unique ‘Dual Bead Shield’ inner liner also concentrates band sealing pressure, increasing performance by up to 30% when compared with standard smooth liners while its flanged edges protect soft hose compounds.

 Band Material-Special proprietary grade of stainless with excellent spring properties

 Housing/Shield/Screw Material-300 Series Stainless

 Seal higher pressure at low torque pressures

 Seal higher pressures over a broad range of installation torques

 Less clamping stress on hose equates to extended life of the connection

 Dual-Bead shield creates a pool of high pressure hose material (the O-ring effect)

 Flanged edges offer gentle contact with hose surface


 Low snag hazard with short housing design

 If over-tightened this clamp design will still expand with thermal cycling

 Electropolished band provides fatigue resistance and greatly improved corrosion resistance

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