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Zircotec - Performance White Ceramic Coating - Owen Developments

Zircotec - Performance White Ceramic Coating


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This coating is an ultra-high performance coating that is ideal for motorsport and performance applications.

 Double layered coating-

                Proprietary Thermohold® based bond coat-100μ

                Proprietary Thermohold® based ceramic 100-250μ

 Reduces surface temperatures by ~33% (independent testing by MIRA)

 Typical engine compartment temperature reductions of >30°C are possible and some race applications have reported reductions of 50°C

 Significant reduction in radiant heat dissipation (as surface temperature is lowered below the point at which radiant heat is dominant). Components close to the exhaust are therefore protected from heat damage

 Guaranteed for applications up to 1400°C

 Suitable for complete exhaust coatings; manifolds, turbos, cats and exhaust through to tailpipes


Performance White™ Variants-

 Performance White Smooth - a "smooth" variant for use on aerofoil surfaces. 

 ThermoSlik - an anti-stick version of the smooth coating that helps avoid the pick-up of tyre rubber and other debris that might otherwise "spoil" air-flow.

 Performance Aluminium - similar to the Performance White™, but with a reflective metal surface layer to provide added protection against radiant heat.

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