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Turbocharger Upgrades

Owen Developments offers a number of different turbo upgrades to improve and maximise the performance of your turbocharger. Ceramic coatings, upgraded compressor wheels and replacement of metal cages are among the many options available for your turbo upgrade.


Turbocharger Remanufacturing

Owen Developments has been remanufacturing turbochargers for over 30 years for a number of motor manufacturer’s exchange schemes. We are able to rebuild most makes and models of turbochargers and are constantly widening our range of stock whilst investigating new turbos.


Turbocharger Replacement

We offer a range of Turbochargers here at Owen Developments, from standard units for production cars to highly modified turbos purely aimed at high end motorsport, any application can be covered by our range, including our GBT Performance Turbo range.

GBT Performance Turbo Range

The newly designed and manufactured Owen Developments GBT Performance Turbo range, will cover 250 to 850 BHP engine outputs. The units come fitted as standard with the well proven ‘M-Spec’ upgrades used in the past. This includes the very successful, HTA billet compressor wheels, billet internals, heatshields, motorsport spec’ ball bearing systems, conical compressor nuts and billet anodised adaptor rings. Extra unique features include a serviceable inline oil filter and the option to install speed sensors and boost pressure fitments into the specifically designed compressor cover castings. View our full catalogue here.

Turbocharger Inspection

Owen Developments offer a turbo inspection service to establish whether certain parts may need replacing/upgrading. Once we have inspected your turbo we will then send you a comprehensive report advising you on your turbos condition and also a remanufacturing quote.


Motorsport ECU Calibration at Owen Developments

Owen Developments has a 4-Wheel drive dyno test cell, rated in excess of 1000hp and incorporating exceptional cooling facilities. Owen Developments use this set up to test newly developed turbo applications, as well as calibrate all MoteC ECU installations. Using eddy current technology, most engines can be held steadily to allow very accurate engine tuning and diagnosis. Coupled with the state of the art data logging, every parameter is recorded for later evaluation and printed copies of tests can be supplied if required.

The Performance Centre

As well as the dyno and mapping facilities, Owen Developments also has the Performance Centre where race cars and fast road cars come from all over the country and across Europe for maintenance and upgrades. From part fitting and diagnostics all the way to complete race car builds, the Performance Centre has the knowledge, experience and facilities to complete any job to the highest standard.