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Owen Developments Form Library

Please click on the links below to download the form you require
  • Turbo Warranty Claim Form
    • This form should be completed if you believe you have a warranty claim against a failed turbo purchased from Owen Developments. Please read the information given and should you wish to go ahead and send your turbo to us, complete the form and enclose with your turbo. Many turbo shipments arrive here every day, therefore, it is vitally important we know who they are from!
  • Turbo Inspection Report
    • Please use this form if you require a turbo inspection to be carried out and a report emailed to you. Again, please read the information given on the form and should you wish to go ahead, please complete fully and enclose with your turbo, so that we know whose turbo it is!
  • Turbo Fitting Instructions
    • This is a fact sheet that is enclosed with all turbo sales as it is vitally important when fitting a new turbo that these instructions are followed. Not doing so may void any warranty claim and could potentially damage your new turbo.
  • Why has my turbo failed?
    • This is a fact sheet that shows the common causes of turbo failure. If you are considering sending your turbo into Owen Developments for a warranty claim or inspection, please do not disassemble the turbo in any way and follow the instructions given with the relevant form.
  • Turbo Speed Sensor Fitting Instructions
    • Normally, Owen Developments would fit the turbo speed sensor for you, however, if you have arranged for this to be done yourself, this is the fitting instruction that is included with the product for your use.